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What to expect


  • Hour health assessment with your consultant

  • Penile doppler scan in the x-ray department

  • Angiogram undertaken in our fully equipped catheterisation lab

  • Following results during your One-stop appointment an angioplasty procedure will be arranged at a later date


During your hour consultation Professor Gerning will review  your current and/or previous treatments. He will discuss your suitability for the penile procedure along with any risk factors.   


The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) and the use of a penile doppler. This doppler scan can assist in the diagnosis of men with ED. Especially as it's prevalence and severity of the disease increases with advancing age.


Doppler scan - If you are a suitable candidate you will have a penile doppler scan, this is one of the diagnostic tests required to access the blood flow to your penile artery.  If a narrowing is found in your artery then you will require an angiogram, to assess the condition of your penile artery.


Angiogram - An angiogram uses a scan called Fluroscopy,  where a contrast material (dye) is inserted through a vein and this travels through the arteries. The scan converts the x-ray images so that any blockage can be found. If a blockage is identified a small balloon-tipped catheter is inserted into the skin and maneuvered through the artery to the blockage.


​If there is narrowing of the arteries, the catherter balloon is inflated for a short period of time. Once the artery is felt to be sufficiently stretched the catheter is removed.


If the artery requires additional support, a flexible tube (stent) made from a plastic or wire mesh is used to support the artery wall.  


For further information or to arrange your initial assessment call us on 07854 427569.




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